To paraphrase the mathematician Richard Hamming: Modeling is about insight not numbers.

construction photo2My name is Dan Zoppo and Freehold Finance is a scrapbook of my thoughts on finance and economics. I have a keen interest in financial decision making, how we do it and potential ways to improve this process. With the explosion of data science, many MS Excel modelers may be curious how other programming languages apply to financial modeling.  Thus I will demonstrate a variety of financial models in alternative modeling environments, specifically the programming languages Analytica , R, and Julia. I am particularly interested in the use of Real Options Analysis and Decision Analysis for improving business decision making.

Based in Boston, MA, my background is in real estate development and investment with additional experience in renewable energy, healthcare, and even a startup in fresh produce analytics.  I also hold a master’s degree in mathematics and I am a non-practicing licensed lawyer in the state of California.

If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms (I’m always looking to learn!) email me at: dan “at symbol” freeholdfinance dot com. Thanks for reading.

Obligatory legal disclaimer: You are free to use or modify any models I share on this blog, subject to the restrictions of any software developer’s rights. I offer no warranty of any kind including correctness. Proceed at your own risk. This blog is for fun and its posts are not legally binding in any way.